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Kiteboarding in Indonesia

Indonesia is a worldwide notorious destination for surfers seeking for sublime and demanding waves across the 17,000 islands archipelago. Meanwhile, the country is relatively virgin as far as kitesurf is concerned, despite having stunning and pumping kite spots still uncharted. Indeed, unlike Sri Lanka, Philippines and Vietnam (popular Asian kitesurf holidays destinations), Indonesia kitesurf develops itself around touristic hubs mostly (Singapore, Bali, Lombok).

Discovering the best kite spots requires to wander off the beaten tracks.

After years exploring the country, ASI was created in 2018 by 5 passionate Indonesian and French kitesurfers.

Our vision is to establish Indonesia as a “must-do” destinations for kitesufers all around the world.

To reach our vision, we aim to offer Indonesian world-class spots to the kitesurf community by developing only strategic locations with the strongest and most reliable wind within the country.

But we want also to provide an unique and authentic Indonesian experience beyond kitesurf by paying extra-attention to traditional architecture, furniture and materials.

Our first project in Jeneponto, opening in 2019, fits perfectly with this vision, by its tremendous wind statistics, together with beautiful landscape and safe conditions.

Jeneponto Kitesurfing is the first of many to be unveiled in the coming years.

Indeed, Indonesia spreads over more than 5,000 km from Sumatra to Papua, and its 55,000 km coastline is scattered over both side of the equator. Definitely, a huge potential for kitesurf to be soon discovered by the global community.

To raise the awareness of these future spots, we created the mother-brand Indonesia Kitesurfing as a quality tag for travelers for the best Indonesian kitesurf spots.


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