Jeneponto kitesurfing

Jeneponto kitesurfing

Why the Kitesurf’s spot of Jeneponto is the perfect spot for beginners and advanced Kitesurfers?

Indeed, how many times have you had a Kitesurf trip far away from home , ( most of the time with financial or time spending sacrifices) and, at the end, you only have one windy day during your 7 or 10 days stay . Of course, kitesurfing is a great opportunity to discover different landscapes, countries and especially meeting new people to share experiences or just a drink ….. but I do admit that it’s really more fun to share a drink or an evening with other kiters after a good Kitesurfing session.

In Jeneponto the wind is daily present from May to October, windiest kite spot in Indonesia, Jeneponto benefits from a strategic location, compression with mountains in the back + corner tips of South Sulawesi. Due to it’s tremendous wind statistic, Indonesian gouvernment decided to settle the biggest Wind Farm in South East Asia.

Strong constant trade winds, reliable 20-35 knots at peak season, kite most used is 8m for 80kg. Lagoon flat and safe, no rock no reefs, side on wind, work both high and low tide.

Wind and flat water are the key to train and succeed all new kitesurf tricks.