Top kitesurf holidays in Asia

Jeneponto is the perfect destination for people looking for consistent wind for their kitesurf holidays !

Sulawesi has always been famous in Indonesia for its wind, especially in the southern part, where the 2 first Indonesian wind farms have been inaugurated recently: Sidrap in the mountains and Jeneponto on the sea side.

Jeneponto benefits from mountains compression and tip effect that both speed up the trade winds. This specific area experiences also a very long dry season guaranteeing winds consistency, only disturbed by moon cycles. This strategic location makes of Jeneponto a top windy destination in Indonesia and Asia.

Wind blows side-on from April to October with peak season at 20-35 knots. Usually the wind starts in the morning till dusk, making the nights with comfortable temperatures.

The kite size most used is 8m for riders 80-85kg, with 11m in back-up

Due to these tremendous wind statistics, 42 wind turbines have been set up to become the biggest Asia-Pacific independent wind farms, and helping to boost green energy for the country.

Its wind statistics make Jeneponto kite school so special !


Weather station


Jeneponto kitesurf spot

The forecast displayed from WINDITY since it is only free provider of ECMWF (9km) weather model, is quite accurate for kitesurf in Jeneponto.

WINDGURU using GFS (27km) is pretty accurate as well (add around 5 knots on top of their prediction)

For historical , please consult WhereWhenKite or Windguru archives

You can also check the GFS (27 km) model on  WINDFINDER

On WINDY you can find us @ Jeneponto KiteSpot, but super unreliable for Jeneponto in our experience