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Best kiteboarding in Indonesia

Kitesurf in Indonesia is a blessing for who seek adventure, wind, authenticity and uncrowded kitesurf spots. Sulawesi has always been famous in Indonesia for its wind, especially in the southern part, where the 2 first Indonesian wind farms have been inaugurated recently: Sidrap in the mountains and Jeneponto on the sea side.

Throughout the island-nation, JENEPONTO is the perfect destination for people looking for consistent and reliable wind for their kitesurf holidays !



Exciting playground

You will enjoy this newly charted spot still preserved from the crowd.

The sandy lagoon is stretching over 2km with shallow and flat waters.

Beach is large offering a lot of space to safely take-off and land.

It works both high and low tides with the lagoon moving, but the fun remains the same. Small kickers at high tide and glassy water at low tide, you will never get bored by the sessions.

Ideal spot whatever your level from beginners to experienced riders who wants to push their limits with big air jumps and unhooked tricks.

At low tide the beach widen till 300m to practice buggy kite.



From April to October

Jeneponto benefits from its strategic location with mountains compression and tip effect that both speed up the trade winds. This specific area experiences also a very long dry season guaranteeing winds consistency, only disturbed by moon changes.

Wind blows side-on from April to October with peak season at 25-35 knots. Usually the wind starts in the morning till dusk, making the nights with comfortable temperatures.

The kite size most used is 8m for riders 80-85kg

Due to these tremendous wind statistics, 42 wind turbines have been set up to become the biggest Asia-Pacific independent wind farms, and helping to boost green energy for the country.



Learn & Improve

Kitesurf is a pretty addictive sport that offers unique sensations: adrenaline, freedom and bliss.

Despite being an extreme sport, it is actually easy and safe to learn with the guidance and coaching of an IKO instructor. All kite sports are based on 80% kite skills and 20% board skills …

We propose collective or private classes in different languages, and for advanced riders, we can tailor the lessons to fit your personal objectives.

For a novices, we recommend a 12h-package to become autonomous (level 3)

F-one kiteboarding Indonesia


Kite center by F-ONE

The kite center is equipped with F-ONE for kites and boards, and MANERA  for harnesses and safety accessories.

F-ONE is a worldwide leading brand with a reputation of performance, quality and safety.

We propose mostly the BANDIT model that is suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced riders.

Kitesurf gears are regularly checked for your safety and renewed to benefits from the latest innovations.

Sizes available from 4m to 13m


Learn on the best kitesurf spot in Indonesia

Our lessons are taught by experienced and certified instructors. We teach following the standard of the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). We provide kitesurf lessons in English, French and Indonesian. At the end of the courses, you will receive an IKO certification card based your achievements with us. With this card you can rent kitesurf gear in any kiteschool in Indonesia, Asia or worldwide, and follow your progresses.

DISCOVERY (level 1)

S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Assessment

Holding, Carrying and

Securing a Kite on Land

Kite Set Up

Safety Systems Use

Pre-Flight Check

Launching and Landing as an Assistant

First Piloting and Explore the Wind Window’s Edge

Let Go of the Bar

Twist and Untwist the Lines

Flying One-Handed

Trim Discovery

Walking While Flying the Kite

Launching and Landing as a Pilot

Wind Window Theory

In flight Quick Release Activation


Equipment Packing

Recommended package: TASTER (2h)


Enter and Exit the Water While Controlling the Kite

Water Relaunch

Side Body-drag with 2 Hands

Body-drag with Power Stroke on Both Sides

Body-drag Upwind

Body-drag with the Board

Self-Rescue and Pack Down Discovery

R.O.W. Rules Introduction



Recommended package: CRUSH (5h)


Controlled Stop

Control of Riding Speed by Edging

Riding Upwind

Sliding Transitions

Toe-Side Riding

Toe-Side Turn


Self-Rescue and Pack Down in Deep Water


Recommended package: PASSION (9h)




We are thrilled to be part of the network ONE LAUNCH KITEBOARDING (OLK). This worldwide network proposes French-speaking kitesurf schools with high-standard.  OLK offers, as well, about 60 kitesurf tutorial videos, and comprehensive teaching materials. All these supports are free and are aimed to support you to review or improve your kitesurf knowledge and skills.

As a matter of example, you can check the video tutorial of a critical phase: the launch of the kite

You can also find them on a very successful and active Facebook Group



Jeneponto Kitesurfing, first official distributor of kite equipment in Indonesia!

Jeneponto Kitesurfing set up a partnership with ElCastle Indonesia to become the first distributor for kitesurf equipment in Indonesia, and exclusive distributor for F-One and Manera. Our partnership offers a clean custom clearance, competitive importation prices and regular supply to the Indonesian kite surf community: riders, kite shops and kiteschools. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about wholesaler kitesurf Indonesia.