Kitesurf Paradise in Indonesia – Dreams without borders (with Charlotte)

Kitesurf Paradise in Indonesia – Dreams without borders (with Charlotte)

Charlotte is pursuing her search of new kitesurf paradise, and her latest one is in Indonesia.

Charlotte CONSORTI is a French kitesurfer with 3x World Speed Champion. She now looks for heavenly spots around the globe, and write stories & road books for her KITESURF PARADISE web-series.

So far, Charlotte covered 14 destinations worldwide: Aruba, Atins & Lençois (Brazil), Bahamas (Cat Island, Columbus Island, Exuma, Long Island), Boa Vista (Capo Verde), El Gouna (Egypt) , Fuerteventura (Spain), Jeneponto (Indonesia), Madagascar, Mozambique, Oman & Masirah, Turks & Caicos.

She was awarded of the best kitesurf video 2018 for Cat Island – Episode 18


In 2019, she spent for 3 weeks between August and September to shot her Episode 21 in Jeneponto.


Charlotte Consorti kitesurf paradise indonesia




She also produced a Road Book to Jeneponto in French. Here some extract for English readers:

Kitesurf Paradise in Indonesia: Jeneponto (Mallasoro village)

“The wind is blowing East / South East. It is side-shore in the morning and turns on-shore in the afternoon. The spot changes configuration depending on the tide with pools that start at high tide”

“At high tide, a huge basin forms just on the left. The body of water is ideal for learning because you have feet everywhere and you are protected from small waves. Depending on the tidal coef the basin is more or less large. In general, lessons are given in this basin at high tide. At low tide the basin empties completely”

“On the right of the spot is the best place for strapless. The best waves are just above the basin of the fishermen. The waves are most of the time too small to surf but you can still have enough to do some rollerblading on very windy days”

“At low tide all the basins are emptied but you still have a huge playground at sea. There are some algae cultures but which are quite easy to avoid”


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