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There are 2 types of tourist visa:

Visa Free Entry (30 days)

  • Free
  • No formalities needed
  • Available for 169 countries

Visa On Arrival (30 days – extendable 30 days once)

  • VOA $35  – At airport before immigration
  • Extension $35 – In immigration office
  • Available for 67 countries

Since March 2019, the fine for overstaying your visa will cost you $70 by day

Travel info

We are located in Mallasoro village at 80 km from Makassar, and its international airport: Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (UPG).
Makassar being the capital of East-Indonesia, it is well served by airlines companies.

Be aware that some airlines booking platforms use Ujung Pandang as alternative name for Makassar.

If you come from abroad, you can:

  • either transit through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and get a direct flight to Makassar – It takes around 3 hours flights with  Singapore Airlines, Air Asia or Silk Air.
  • or rally big Indonesian hubs such as Jakarta or Bali, and then connect to Makassar – It take around 1h20 from Bali/Lombok and 2h from Jakarta with Garuda, Batik Air, CityLink, Lion Air, …

If you are already visiting Indonesia, or live here:
you can connect Makassar from almost all Indonesian cities with an airport.

Deposit & Cancellation

A 30% deposit of the total amount booked is required to confirm your booking

Cancellation fees apply on the deposit:

  • ≥ 30 days before trip = fully reimbursed
  • 29-22 days before trip = 75% reimbursed
  • 21-15 days before trip = 50% reimbursed
  • 14-8 days before trip = 25% reimbursed
  • ≤ 7 days before trip = no reimbursement

In regard of the exceptional situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, we propose more flexibility to postpone and to reschedule (for free) your stay. Voucher is valid until 2022.

If voucher is not used by the end of 2022, we commit to reimburse the deposit (minus the transactions fees)


DEPOSIT can be done through bank transfer or Paypal.

CHECK-OUT bill can be settled by either cash, debit or credit card.

Charges applied:

  • PayPal 3%
  • Credit card 0,15%

Cash & exchange

Indonesian currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) commonly named RUPIAH.

There are ATM machines in airport and along the road. The ATM machines usually accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

If you wish to convert cash, we can be your money changer, we practice a fair exchange rate. For cash advance, we practice 10% service fee.

Flights luggage policies

Some of you may travel with their personal kite gear. We recommend you to confirm the details and conditions with airlines directly, but here some insights:

Domestic flights:


  • Franchise Business 30kg – Eco 20kg
  • Excess rule: 1,5% of ticket fare by kg


  • Franchise Business 30kg – Eco 20kg
  • Excess rules: unclear (by kg)


  • No franchise anymore

International flights:


  • No franchise – Baggage allowances bought at initial booking (cheaper) or later.
  • Starts at 20kg, and up by block of 5kg
  • Special allowance for sport equipment


  • Franchise Business 40kg – Eco 30kg
  • Purchase excess weight in block of 5kg

Kitesurf rental

For safety concerns, you can rent gear if you provide an IKO level 3, or you can prove capabilities on site with a an IKO instructor.

Glimpse of IKO level 3 capabilities

  • Riding and controlling speed by edging
  • Riding up-wind
  • Sliding transitions
  • Self-rescue and pack down


We propose an insurance for damages of kitesurf gear only. In case you don’t subscribe it, you will borne the cost of gear damages, if any occurs.

Kite lessons supervised by instructor already include this insurance.

Anyway, we ensure that our rental equipment is in excellent condition (regularly checked, maintained and renewed). We encourage you to point out beforehand any defect you may observe.

For injuries, we recommend you to check with your personal insurances.

FYI, riders licensed under the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

Kite repair

Locals are amazingly handy when it comes to sew and glue. But we are not yet equipped with proper sewing machine and skilled people.

For now, we can only help you to fix small damages on bladders and canopy.

Wind forecast

We display on the website the forecast from WINDYTY since its the only free provider of the ECMWF model that is the most reliable for Indonesia.

You can also check forecast with GFS model (free, but less reliable) on:



  • Breakfast: 7.00 – 10.00
  • Lunch: 12.00 – 14.00
  • Dinner: 18.00 – 20.00

If you have special regimen or allergies, don’t hesitate to warn us.

Kitchen is opened all day for a selection of snacks.


The restaurant and bar provides a selection of beers and alcohols.

If you have any special taste, feel free to warn us ahead of your arrival, we will do our best to accommodate you.


Low tide reveals a huge beach widening till 300m to practice sand-kite and buggy-kite.

Want to stick to watersports ? The island in front of the resort offers nice spot for snorkeling, spear-fishing and SUP.

Need a break from the wind ? Just hit the road to explore Sulawesi and its marvels.

Consult us and we love to organize a tailored trip for you. Here our selection of place of interests.


We have first aids kit to treat basic injuries, and we have referent doctors in Jeneponto who can commute onsite.

If needed, Makassar city benefits from premium hospital facilities such as SILOAM (Singaporean private hospital).


No mandatory vaccination, but it is strongly recommended to be updated with the DTP vaccination (diphtheria, tetanus and polio), including measles, rubella and mumps for kids. Tuberculosis is also advised.

For more detail advises, you can check with your national embassy and consult your doctor before the trip and always.


Wind is blowing during dry season with sometimes mosquitoes at dusk.

We recommend that you use mosquito repellents (local lotions are very good) if annoyed. Anyway, all bungalows are equipped with mosquito nets for beds.


We have guards to look after your bungalows, but it is advised to leave your valuables in the safety box in your bedroom.

Night life

You will be the one making it !


Yes we have free wifi at the reception and in the common areas.

It is Indonesia: no optical fiber yet, coconut fiber only …

Drinking water

Like in any tropical country, refrain yourself from drinking water from the tap.

You have one bottle of water (per guest) refueled everyday in your bungalow.



We don’t provide plug adapters. So don’t forget yours! All bungalows are equipped with power sockets type C, E, F.

Children friendly

Need somebody to take care of your children ?

Let us know in advance, and we can find reliable nanny so you can kite freely.

Anyway our resort is right on the shore, so your family will never be far from you.

Bathroom water

Pumped from our drilling (smell, taste ?). We have pressure and hot water.

Body & personal care

We provide soap and bathroom towels (changes everyday)

Bring your own towels for beach and swimming pool.


You can have your massage by the pool, the garden or your bungalow


For simple need, there are some “toko”(small shops) in the village.

If you have a special request, let us know since we regularly go to Makassar or Jeneponto to refuel.

Guests capacity

If you wish to privatize the whole hotel, we can accommodate till 36 people (without additional beds).

  • 1 x KUDA (Suite – 2 guests)
  • 3 x GAJAH (Premium – 6 guests)
  • 8 x PENYU (Deluxe – 16 guests)
  • 1 x MONYET (Dormitory – 12 guests)


by Charlotte Consorti

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You are lucky there are plenty of flights

Arlines: Lion, Sriwijaya, Citilink and Garuda

Flight duration: 1h20

Prices: starts around 1,000 IDR ($70)

Luggage policy in economy class is usually 20kg