Kitesurfing in Asia – My windy holidays (by Otto)

Kitesurfing in Asia – My windy holidays (by Otto)

I went to Jeneponto for 3 weeks and stayed 3 months, this year I’ll stay for 6 months! I had never been kitesurfing in Asia and was unsure of what to expect, to be honest I was a little skeptical of having reliable wind as Indonesia is more famed for its surfing rather than kitesurfing …

Jeneponto really will change your mind about kitesurfing in Asia

However after the first week of only using a 9m I quickly realised it would be a windy holiday! In the 90 days i was there (July to September) most were 20-35+knts with the occasional 15knt day, small kites are your friend in Jeneponto! For an experienced 75kg rider on a twin tip, 8m/11m is perfect.

Mallasoro is the beach that the camp is located on, there are a very specific set of natural features that make it so reliably windy in this area, which means this is the only beach in the area with such good wind statistics, more advanced riders can explore the entire bay and ride around the island or over to the other side of Jeneponto, you can ride over the coral reefs this way and it has a great sense of adventure, Jeneponto really will change your mind about kitesurfing in Asia.

The resort has all the comforts you need whilst staying in keeping with the Indonesian culture. The Jeneponto region is unspoiled with a very small tourism business which makes it a very special adventure to holiday and kitesurf here. Because it’s such a new spot, it’s never too busy, it’s rare to see more than 20 kites so there’s loads of space to practice. Also because of the lagoon it’s a great area to learn meaning beginners can safely progress very fast.

Unlike most kitesurf spots in Asia the wind blows from sunrise to sunset

Here some reasons to choose Indonesia  for your next kitesurf trip in Asia.

In terms of convenience, the resort has got it sorted, the beach is about 100 meters from the bungalows, so you can pump up your kites in the garden. To get to the resort is about 3 hours by taxi from Makassar airport and the wind doesn’t stop at night so many people were kiting on the day they arrive and leave, unlike most kitesurfing spots in Asia the wind blows from sunrise to sunset giving a possible 13 hours of Kitesurfing each day!

The staff at the resort and villagers are incredibly welcoming and love to share their village with you, expect; lots of photos, smiles everywhere and generally good vibes. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are always willing to help show you the best of Sulawesi. If your exhausted from all the kitesurfing you can easily rent a moped and explore the region that has lots to offer; mountains, waterfalls, traditional markets, small restaurants and world class diving spots. There’s lots of traditional food on offer, the fresh fruit is unbeatable. Jeneponto is definitely the best spot for kitesurfing in Asia for summer, and probably one of the top spots in the world. I’ve traveled to many kitesurf spots around the globe and, Jeneponto is really special for me, hope to go back there for the next season.

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Mallassoro kitesurfing Asia


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