WOO Indonesia kitesurfing record – BIG AIR

WOO Indonesia kitesurfing record – BIG AIR

The wind was blowing as usual 30+ knots with a glassy lagoon. One session was enough to break the Woo record with 15m jump, and Jeneponto riders in Sulawesi are already ranking in top 5 kitesurf Indonesia.

We hope to have nationwide competition soon with kitesurf Bali, Lombok and Bintan …

We encourage you to acquire a WooSport device, and to have fun challenging yourself. Kiteboarding is exciting by strong winds whatever your level !

What is WOO ?

WOO is the simplest way to record your session and play while you kitesurf!

The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode or scores your best tricks in Freestyle mode.

Progress your riding and Get in the Game!

The WOO device

Clip the WOO on your board and every jump from your session is captured & scored. Simply connect via Bluetooth to the WOO App and check your Jump Height, Best Trick Score, Session Score, and what Achievements you’ve completed!

The Game

Connecting riders around the world, WOO is a social game platform for all kiters. Open the App and you’ll see your kitesurf sessions, achievements, and top scores, as well as leaderboards and activity feeds for different kite spots worldwide. Follow other riders and cheer them on after a big day of riding!

How does it work ?

The original WOO Game. No matter if you’re trying to get your first Air, boosting to the Moon, or Mega-looping, every jump from your session will be recorded, including jump height, airtime, and landing g-force. Rise in the leaderboards, reach those new milestones and fly high!


Setting up a WOO is very easy. Simply place the mount on your kiteboard, put your WOO in, and go ride! The WOO should be in Kite – Big Air mode if you’re about to out for a kitesurf Big Air session.


While riding, don’t even think about the WOO! Simply ride & jump! The WOO follows your every move and simultaneously calculates how high off the water you are. It stored all your jumps safely until you are back off the water and ready to download your session


Connect via Bluetooth, Download, and Save your session to your WOO-profile! Check out how you performed, what achievements you unlocked, and how you ranks up against your friends!


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