Jeneponto Kitesurf Spot Review – By Pilgrim Magga

Jeneponto kitesurf spot riding the fish ponds

Many people asked me about my kiteboarding trip in Indonesia (Asia), so I wrote that review on social medias, and I am glad that the team in Jeneponto can use it …

So, in my opinion, I have traveled quite a lot,  it is by far the best kitesurf spot I’ve ever tried. Out of 15 days, I had 15 days of wind ranging from 20 to 35 knots (July).

I brought my 10 and 12m kites because I was skeptical about the wind predictions the resort had on its website, and because I like to ride overpowered. But for sure next time, I will come with a 9 and 11m kites. And I would recommend to most kiters to bring a 8 and 10m (80-85kg riders) or 7 and 9m (60-70 kg riders)

Best kiteboarding spot in Asia for summer with an excellent set-up

KIteloop on the kitesurf spot of Jeneponto

The resort itself is nice, big communal area, swimming pool, dining area with view on the spot and really cute bungalows that keep all their privacy. The beach-front is very windy all day long, and they need find ways to cut the wind in some areas (already done for the restaurant).

The launching areas is right in front of the resort, so you don’t need to walk anywhere, and Al is always there to assist you launching and landing the kite.

The main kiting area depend a lot about the tides even though they are quite small. But they are 4 other areas to go and play around literally next to it. You basically have:

  •  three ponds where the water is dead flat (more for experienced riders)
  •  the main area that is quite shallow (from 0 to 70 cm deep)
  • a choppy area quite deep obviously
  • and an area where you can find some little kickers quite close to each other.

The infrastructure is quite complete, and a kite center including a storage is on its way …

For the adventurous, there is a beautiful fishermen island you can go around, it will take you 40 minutes return.

There are quite a few seaweed plantations further in the bay but you can easily cross over it if you are careful. Just make sure you don’t jump deliberately onto it.

In short, I will be back to this awesome spots but arrange my trip to stay longer …


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About the author:

Franck is a French rider for Core Kiteboarding

You can find him as Pilgrim Magga on social media


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