Which Spots To Learn Kiteboarding In Asia ? What You Should Consider …

Learn Kiteboarding in Asia spots

We reviewed what we believe are the ideal conditions for you to learn kitesurf and progress fast. A glimpse of what you should consider when booking your destination to learn kiteboarding in Asia or wherever else …

What make a great spot in Asia to progress fast?

Strong enough, consistent and reliable wind

For us, this is the first criteria! You can practice kiteboarding in any type of waters, but without wind, kitesurf is nothing else than an useless colorful piece of fabric. You don’t want to spend your kite holidays sitting around in a remote area.

There is a common misperception that it is easier to learn with light wind, since it feels less extreme. However, kiteboarding in light wind requires much more technical skills for water-start, maintaining speed and riding upwind. What you need is a wind strong enough to pull you out of water at once, and then focus on your board skills, without having to play the kite up-and-down. Not too gusty wind is also preferred to feel a comfortable and stable traction from the harness.

Then you need to have enough wind every day to maximize your time on water, and to ensure constant progress to be quickly autonomous. Some spots have > 90% kiting days during season.

You won’t find wind-guaranteed destinations, but you can limit the risk by carefully choosing the kite spot and its best season. When picking your kiteboarding destination in Asia, check the wind statistics for the chosen location to see when the windy season is. Check both wind strength and reliability (nb of days by month). We recommend 20-25 knots on > 80% days.

Usually, there is one best or main kitesurf season by country, this is the one you should target. And if possible in the middle of the season, when the wind is very well established … Early or late period within the season are always riskier.

Try to avoid lower season despite dodgy promotion claiming that there is always enough wind to learn. With the new foil trend, more and more spots claim 2 seasons, but foiling requires much less wind, and way more skills.

Flat, shallow & safe lagoon

Flat waters makes learning 100x easier !

When learning  a new sport, you want as fewer distractions as possible. When learning kiteboarding, you will have to control both the kite and the board. It is better to focus on your arms and legs without having your balance battling against chops and waves.

As a beginner, you will often stand in water, walk upwind and loose your board … That’s why a shallow area to learn is critical, but deep enough (hip level) to avoid injuries.

“Safe spot” is much more than just flat & shallow, its also the following attributes:

Wide beach – To land and take off safely
No hazards – To avoid feet injuries
Side-on wind – To avoid to drift away
No crowd – To avoid tangled lines (crossing other riders can be scary at first)

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Warm waters and nice weather

Many kitesurf spot have their best season during monsoon (rain), especially in Asia. Even if at first the temperature seems warm, it gets cold after a while in the water with wind. As every beginner, you will spend a lot time in water, so better to have the best weather possible.

It is also simply more comfortable and fun to ride in warm waters … The warmer, the more time you will spend practicing your skills! And the eager you will be to go back to water as much as possible.

Try to aim for kiteboarding spots in Asia working during dry season, it is a clear advantage.

Comfortable facilities

When in holidays, nothing is more annoying than to pack all your stuff every day, and the hassle of not forgetting anything. Therefore, we recommend to choose an accommodation very close by the spot. If not possible for whatever reason, then ensure you can go commute on your own whenever you wish, and not relying on a shuttle or others.

Some spots require to hit the road, or to use boat, to reach the kite area. Then check whether the spot is equipped with a proper shelter providing a good atmosphere: food, drinks and resting furniture. It is important for you, but also for non-kiting people accompanying.

The best would be to have your bungalow on the spot so you can enjoy all facilities and take a nap

All of that without missing any action on the water, carrying your kitesurf gear or worrying for wind conditions.

Experienced & certified instructors

Having the right instructor is just as important as the kitesurf spot configuration.

Beyond the certification of the kiteschool or its instructors, you want to be cared by an experienced instructor. It makes all the difference for your safety and progress! If you don’t fit with your instructor, don’t hesitate to ask to change so you feel comfortable to progress faster.

You can check your instructor IKO certification here

Kiteboarding gear brand new in asia

Kitesurf gear in good conditions

Some schools consider that old equipment are largely enough for beginners who don’t really see the difference anyway. Learning on older kites is not a particular issue, if properly maintained.  Our opinion is that kitesurf lessons are quite pricey, so you are entitled to practice with good quality equipment.

Some kiteschool renew their kite gear every year, so you can ride brand-new kites and boards with limited wears and tears. It is also a matter of safety, you don’t want to experience a line snapping off, or the kite splitting open. Financially speaking, check beforehand the damage policy at the kiteschool, and insurance available, to avoid any bad surprise. Normally, kitesurf school should include insurance in the lessons package.


Interested in learning kiteboarding in Asia ?

Here some reasons to opt for Indonesia: 8 reasons to choose Indonesia for kitesurfing trip in Asia

Why Jeneponto is the best spot to learn kiteboarding in Asia

We believe we have best kiteboarding setup in Asia for summer:

  • Windiest Indonesian spot with average > 20 knots, strong enough to pull out at once
  • Bungalows and facilities right on the beach, so you don’t need to worry about logistics
  • Reliability with 90% kiting days over the season, so you make the best of your stay
  • Flat lagoon side-on wind and shallow waters all along the learning area, so you stay safe
  • Wide beach most of the time, so you have space to take-off and land safely.
  • Warm waters with no rain at all, so you don’t wetsuit and stay longer in water
  • Changing playground following the tides, so you don’t get bored
  • Comfortable temperature day and night, so you can rest peacefully.
  • Only accommodation near by the spot i.e no crowd, so you do not worry about entangled lines
  • Kitesurf gear F-One Bandit 2019 & 2020, so you have the best gear to learn
  • Experienced and certified instructors, speaking English, French, Indonesian

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